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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twelfth WRMISS Workshop

The workshop took place on 10-12 September 2007 in Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. Please click here for the program and abstract book. The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.


Fragmentation Measurements for GCR Transport

C. Zeitlin

Environmental Models and Validation of Engineering Designs

J.W. Wilson

Minimizing Astronautsí Risk from Space Radiation during Future Lunar Missions

M.-H.Y. Kim

Recent Measurements

Recent Shuttle and ISS radiation measurements: STS-121, STS-115, STS-116, STS-117 and ISS Expedition 13

R. Gaza

Dosimetry of Biological Experiments in Space (Dobies) with Luminescence (Osl And Tl) at the SCK-CEN

F. Vanhavere

Charged Particle Directional Spectrometer CPDS Measurements of the December 2006 SPEs

K.T. Lee

New Results for the Earth Radiation Environment

Ts. Dachev

ALTEA status and perspectives

L. Narici

Study of Dose Distribution in a Human Body in Space Flight with the Spherical Tissue-Equivalent Phantom

V.A. Shurshakov

New Techniques, Instrumentation and Programs

Update on the Status of the Development of an Active Space Radiation Dosimeter Based on the Medipix-Technology

L. Pinsky

Tissue Equivalent Radiation Dosimeter on a chip

E. Johnson

Space Dosimetry with a 3D Silicon Detector Telescope—the ISS Versions of TriTel

A. Hirn

Future European Dosimetry Activities using COLUMBUS

G. Reitz

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