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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Nineteenth WRMISS Workshop

The 19th Workshop took place on 9–11 September 2014 in Kraków, Poland. Please click here for the agenda and abstract book. The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.

Introductory talk

Status of the Trapped Model AE9/AP9SPM International Version (IRENE) for the ISS Environment

Francis F. Badavi

Scientific Session 1

Monte Carlo Simulations of the Radiation Environment at Suborbital Altitudes

Samy El-Jaby

Implementing Badhwar-O’Neill Galactic Cosmic Ray Model for the Analysis of Space Radiation Exposure

Myung-Hee Y. Kim

Extrapolation Algorithm to Forecast the Dynamics of Accumulation of the Absorbed Dose at the International Space Station, According to the Radiation Monitoring System Data

Andrey Lishnevskii

Scientific Session 2

Investigations of the Relative Efficiency of Thermoluminescent Detectors to Protons at the IFJ PAN in Kraków

Pawel Bilski

Further Analysis of Thin Silicon Detector Dose to Tissue Dose

Cary Zeitlin

Nuclear Track Etch Detector Evaluation Studies in the Frame of the DOSIS 3D Experiment

Bartos Przybyla

Scientific Session 3

Some Aspects of Passive Dosimetry on BION-M1 and Foton-M2 & M3 Satellites

Andrea Strádi

New ISS Radiation Area Monitors Measurements at Solar Maximum

Ramona Gaza (data not published yet; please contact Dr. Ramona Gaza)

Passive Dosimetry in the Service (Zvezda) Module: 2010-2014

Joe K. Pálfalvi

Comparative Study between Radiation Doses in the MATROSHKA Anthropomorphic Phantom and the Matoroshka-R Spherical Phantom Experiment#1 aboard International Space Station ‘KIBO’

Aiko Nagamatsu

Scientific Session 4

Radiation Dosimetry on the ISS: ESA Experiments in 2014

René Demets

The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D Project on-board the International Space Station—Current Status and Science Overview

Thomas Berger

The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D Project on-board the International Space Station—Current Status and Results of the DOSTELs as Active Instruments

Soenke Burmeister

Scientific Session 5

Variations in the Radiation Exposure within the Columbus Module of the ISS Measured during the DOSIS and DOSIS 3D Experiments

Daniel Matthiä

Pille Measurements on ISS (Exp. 35–38)

Attila Hirn

ALTEA – shield: an ESA Sponsored ISS-USLab Radiation Survey

Livio Narici

Scientific Session 6

ISS Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) Radiation Measurements

Ramona Gaza (data not published yet; please contact Dr. Ramona Gaza)

Neutron Measurements Using Bubble Detectors: ISS-34 to ISS-40

Martin Smith

Proton Irradiation for Space Research at IFJ PAN Kraköaut;

Pawel Olko

Scientific Session 8

Update of the Results from ~2 Years of Medipix on the ISS and Future Plans for Evolutions of the Medipix Technology

Lawrence S. Pinsky

Mapping the Asymmetry in the SAA Fluxes Using the Medipix Particle-by-Particle Directional Information

Stuart George

Study of Dose Distribution in ISS Compartments With Passive Detectors

Raisa V. Tolochek

Scientific Session 9

Update on Radiation Measurements on the Martian Surface with MSL/RAD

Brent Ehresmann

Recent Results from the MSL-RAD Experiment on the Curiosity Mars Rover

Cary Zeitlin

On the Possibility of Neutron and Gamma Spectrometry with a Single Scintillator

Rachid Machrafi

Scientific Session 10

Development of compact Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) for Monitoring Space Radiation on the ISS, Cubesat and Aircraf

Jaejin Lee

Status of ISS-RAD

Cary Zeitlin

Development of the Battery-operated Independent Radiation Detector (BIRD)

Amir Bahadori

Scientific Session 11

NASA Plans for Dosimetry in Support of Manned Spaceflight

Eddie Semones

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