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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twentieth WRMISS Workshop

The 20th Workshop took place on 8–10 September 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Please click here for the program and here for the abstract book. Most presentations can be downloaded from the links below (for presentations with no download link, please contact the author).

Scientific Session 1

A Directional Trapped Proton Model for the International Space Station Orbit

Francis F. Badavi

Preliminary attempt of implementing a full-scale geometrical input file of the International Space Station (ISS) and BION-M #1 (ENERGIA RSC) Biosatellite in MCNPX using AutoCAD solid modelling

Patrick Dolloso

Exposure Risk Analysis for Human Exploration of Deep Space

Myung-Hee Y. Kim

Scientific Session 2

On the Use of Superheated Bubble Detectors on Space Missions

Eric Benton

Estimation of dose contribution of secondary target fragment particles for space radiation dosimetry

Satoshi Kodaira

Calculations of the relative efficiency of LiF thermoluminescent detectors to cosmic radiation spectrum at the Earth’s orbit

Pawel Bilsky

Scientific Session 3

Neutron Measurements using Bubble Detectors: ISS-39/40 and ISS-41/42

Martin Smith

Ground Testing of Bubble Detectors used in Space Radiation Dosimetry: Response to High Energy Neutrons

Rachid Machrafi

Recent Radiation Environment Studies aboard Biological Satellites

Slava Shurshakov

Scientific Session 4

The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D project on-board the International Space Station—Current Status and Science Overview

Thomas Berger

Overview of TLD and OSL measurements at SCK•CEN in the framework of the DOSIS and DOSIS 3D and the most recent biological experiments

Olivier Van Hoey

3D Dose Distribution Measurements by Passive Detectors in the Columbus Module

Andrea Stradi

Monitoring onboard of ISS with passive detectors—long-term data

Iva Ambrozova

Scientific Session 5

Pille Measurements on ISS (May 2014–March 2015)

Attila Hirn

The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D experiments on-board the International Space Station—Current Status and Latest Data from the DOSTELs as Active Instruments

Soenke Burmeister

Comparing Active Detectors: ALTEA and DosTel

Livio Narici

Scientific Session 6

TRITEL Measurements in the Russian Service Module (April–July 2013)

Attila Hirn

November 2013 analysis of high energy electrons on the Japan Experimental Module (JEM: Kibo)

Francis F. Badavi

Variation of long term space radiation monitoring and the PHITS simulation during the solar minimum to maximum of the 24th solar cycle inside/outside of the ISS ‘KIBO’

Aiko Nagamatsu

The Results of 5 Sessions of Experimental Study of Local Water Shielding Efficiency to Space Radiation with the Protective Curtain in ISS Crew Cabin

Raisa Tolochek

Global dose distributions of Lunar neutrons and gamma rays obtained by the Kaguya gamma-ray spectrometer

Satoshi Kodaira

Scientific Session 8

Overview and Future Plans of NASA Dosimetry for Manned Spaceflight Operations

Eddie Semones

Dose Calibration of the ISS-RAD Fast Neutron Detector

Cary Zeitlin

Simulation and Data Unfolding for the ISS-RAD Fast Neutron Detector (FND)

Martin Leitgab

Scientific Session 9

Signal processing of the ISS-RAD Fast Neutron Detector (FND) electronics

Michael Vincent

Calibration and Readiness of the ISS-RAD Charged Particle Detector

Ryan Rios

SRAG Measurements performed during the Orion EFT-1 Mission

Ramona Gaza

MPCV NASA Space Exploration Active Measurements and Future Operations

Kerry Lee

Scientific Session 10

Updates from the MSL-RAD Experiment on the Mars Curiosity Rover

Cary Zeitlin

Modeling the dose rate variations of MSL/RAD measurement during its cruise to Mars

Jingnan Guo

MSL RAD Measurements of the Neutron Spectrum in Transit to Mars and on the Martian surface

Jan Köhler

Particle spectra on the Martian surface—A comparison of models and MSL-RAD measurements

Daniel Matthiä

Scientific Session 11

Current and Future Developments of the Medicpix Technology for Space Radiation Monitoring

Lawrence Pinsky

Neutron Spectrometry Using a 7-Li Enriched CLYC Scintillation Detector

Alexander Luke Miller

Development of Active Space Radiation Detector, A-DREAMS-2 at NIRS

Yukio Uchihori

Development of New Cosmic Radiation Detector at NPI

Ondřej Ploc

EuCPAD and future Projects

Thomas Berger

Last update: 29 July 2016