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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Tenth WRMISS Workshop

The 10th Workshop took place on 7-9 September 2005 in Chiba, Japan.



NSRL-ICCHIBAN Brief Report, ICCHIBAN-7&8 Announcement and Future ICCHIBAN experiments
Y. Uchihori, E. R. Benton, N. Yasuda, H. Kitamura, J. Miller, ICCHIBAN Working Group and ICCHIBAN participants

The 6th ICCHIBAN: Luminescence efficiency response of Al2O3:C,LiF:Mg,Ti and CaF2 detectors to high-energy HCPs
R. Gaza, E. G. Yukihara, and S. W. S. McKeever

ICCHIBAN calibrations and intercomparisons: Loma-Linda, ICCHIBAN-6 and NSRL-BNL
J. K. Pálfalvi, J. Szabó, B. Dudás, I. Eördögh, L. Sajó-Bohus and P. P. Németh

ICCHIBAN 6, ICCHIBAN NSRL, and 2004 onboard ISS exposures: Czech results
F. Spurný, I. Jadrníčková and K. Turek

Some problems to be solved for automatic analysis of a CR-39 nuclear track detector in space radiation dosimetry
A. Nagamatsu, M. Masukawa, F. Nobuyoshi, K. Murakami, T. Nakamura , H. Kumagai and H. Tawara

Characterisation of TLDs used within the MATROSHKA project – results of ICCHIBAN-6 and NSRL-ICCHIBAN experiments
P. Bilski

Intercomparison of passive radiation monitors in Russian segment of ISS (Space intercomparison/BRADOS) II
N. Yasuda, Y. Uchihori, Y. Akatov, E. R. Benton, M. Hajek, H. Peter, V. Shurshakov, K. Fujitaka, I. Kobayashi, H. Ohguchi and Y. Koguchi

Deep Space ICCHIBAN: An International Comparison of Space Radiation Dosimeters aboard the NASA Deep Space Test Bed
E. R. Benton

Radiation monitoring

Some Results of Radiating Monitoring Onboard Russian Segment ISS (2000-2005)
Yu. A. Akatov, V. V. Arkhangelsky, V. A. Bondarenko, V. G. Mitrikas, V. V. Tsetlin

Radiation Monitoring System of Russian Segment of ISS. Current Status
V. M. Petrov, V. V. Benghin, A. N. Volkov, A. P. Aleksandrin, M. I. Panasyuk, M. V. Tel'tsov and Yu. V. Kutuzov

Space radiation results obtained with R3D-B2 instrument on Foton M2 satellite in June 2005
T. Dachev, B. Tomov, Pl. Georgiev, Yu. Matviichuk and D.-P. Häder

TL dose measurements on board the Russian segment of the ISS by the “Pille” system during Expedition-9 and -10
I. Apáthy, Yu.A. Akatov, V.V. Arkhangelsky, L. Bodnár, S. Deme, I. Fehér, I. Padalka,T. Pázmándi, G. Reitz, S. Sharipov

Radiation Dosimetry for Microbial Experiments in the International Space Station
O. Goossens, F. Vanhavere, D. O'Sullivan, D. Zhou, F. Spurny, E.G. Yukihara, R. Gaza and S. W. S. McKeever

Status and results of the LAZIO-Sirad and Sileye-3/Ateino experiments on board the International Space Station
M. Casolino, on behalf of the Sileye and LAZIO collaborations

MATROSHKA – Overview of 2004 - 2005
T. Berger, G. Reitz, S. Burmeister , R. Beaujean , N. Zapp

First Results of DOSTEL as active part of the MATROSHKA Facility
S. Burmeister , R. Beaujean , T. Berger , G. Reitz

Preliminary Results of the CPDS Instruments Aboard the ISS
K.T. Lee, J. Flanders, E. Semones, T. Shelfer, F. Riman

Radiation Monitoring at Mars Using the Odyssey Instrument Payload
C. Zeitlin

Recent Measurements in Support of Space Radiation Transport Model Development
J. Miller, S. B. Gueterslo, L. H. Heilbronn and C. J. Zeitlin

Estimation of effective doses for radiation cancer risks on ISS, Lunar, and Mars missions with space radiation measurements
M. Y. Kim and F. A. Cucinotta

Optimization of Radiation Loads during Extra Vehicular Activity Based on East-West Asymmetry Effect of High Energy Trapped Protons
V.A. Shurshakov, D.A. Kartashov and A.V. Kolomensky

The use of passive personal neutron dosemeters to determine the neutron component of cosmic radiation fields in spacecraft- an update
D. Bartlett, L. Hager and R. Tanner

Recent Radiation Monitoring Results: Expedition 10, 11 and STS-114
E. Semones, M. Weyland, B. Rutledge, T. Shelfer, R. Gaza, D. Zhou, A. Johnson, and N. Zapp

TEPC Reference Measurements at Aircraft Altitudes during a Solar Storm
P. Beck, M. Latocha, S. Rollet, and G. Stehno

New detectors

PTB DOS-2005 – An electronic personal dosemeter for high-energy neutrons
M. Luszik-Bhadra, M. Weierganz

Neutron Spectrometer Onboard Aircraft and Spacecraft
T. Nakamura, M. Takada and K. Fujitaka

The Combined Ion and Neutron Spectrometer (CINS)
C. Zeitlin, R. Maurer, D. K. Haggerty, D. R. Roth, J. O. Goldsten

Determination of depth - dose distribution in a human phantom onboard the ISS using a particle telescope to measure radiation dose and LET
J. Semkova, R. Koleva, G. Todorova, N. Kanchev, V. Petrov, V. Shurshakov, E. Yarmanova, V. Benghin and I. Tchhernykh

Methodological Aspects of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technique Applied to Space Dosimetry
E. G. Yukihara, G. O. Sawakuchi, S. K. Guduru


Recent Improvement of PHITS for Space Application
T. Sato and K. Niita

FLUKA Status and Preliminary Results from the High Energy AGS July Runs
V. Anderson, N. Elkhayari, A. Empl, M. Lebourgeois,K. Lee, B. Mayes, N. Zapp , L. Pinsky, T. N. Wilson, P. Sala, M.-V. Garzelli, F. Cerutti, F. Ballarini, A. Ottolenghi, G. Battistoni, A. Ferrari (& INFN), R. Brun, M. Gheata, S. Roesler and J. Ranft

The DESIRE Project: Geant4 simulations of the Columbus/ISS radiation environment
T. Ersmark, P. Carlson, E. Daly, C. Fuglesang, I. Gudowska, B. Lund-Jensen, R. Nartallo, P. Nieminen, M. Pearce, G. Santin, N. Sobolevsky

Test of weak and strong factorization
D. Mancusi, L. Sihver, C. La Tessa

Poster session

Bystander effect after exposure to high-LET particles encountered in cosmic radiation
M. Hajek, C. Fürweger, R. Kodym, N. Vana

Small Commercial Dosimeters for Cosmic Ray Measurements Onboard Aircraft
T. Nakamura, M. Takada, T. Nunomiya, Y. Uchihori, L. G. I. Bennett, A. R. Green and B. J. Lewis

Discussion of track structure models and effiencies of luminescence dosimeters to HCP
G. O. Sawakuchi and E. G. Yukihara

Development of particle detector for the observation of trans-iron isotopes in galactic cosmic rays
S. Kodaira, N. Hasebe, T. Doke, M. Hareyama, K. Sakurai, M. Asaeda, S. Ohta, N. Yasuda, H. Tawara, and K. Ogura

Last update: 17 July 2006