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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twentysecond WRMISS Workshop

The 22nd Workshop took place on 5–7 September 2017 in Torino, Italy. Please click here for the program and abstract book. Most presentations can be downloaded from the links below (for presentations with no download link, please contact the author).

Invited talk

Space Radiation Superconductive Shield: a new approach

R. Battiston

Scientific Session 1

Solar modulation, Forbush decreases and Solar Energetic Particles measured by AMS on the ISS

M. Palermo

Scientific Session 2

Evaluation of Galactic Cosmic Ray Models Using AMS2 Data

F. F. Badavi

Results and lessons learned from calibration measurements of the TRITEL 3D silicon detector telescope at the HIMAC accelerator facility

A. Hirn

Microdosimetric modeling of the relative efficiency of luminescent detectors exposed to heavy charged particles

A. Parisi

Scientific Session 3

LIDAL: Light Ion Detector for ALTEA

A. Rizzo

Particle Type and Energy Identification in Single Pixellated Silicon Detectors

G. P. Stuart

AIRDOS an open source dosimeter for measurement on board of aircraft

M. Kákona

The sensitivity of p-MOSFET dosemeter to heavy ions

M. Fragopoulou

Scientific Session 4

Contribution of Different Particles onboard Bion-M1 Estimated by Means of Plastic Nuclear Track Detectors

I. Ambrožová

The PHOENIX radiobiological experiment on-board the Russian segment of the ISS supported by passive dosimetry—First results

A. Strádi

Neutron Spectrometry and Dosimetry on spacecraft with passive detector system

A. Zanini

Matroshka-R and Radi-N2 Experiments using Bubble Detectors: ISS-47/48 and ISS-49/50

M. Smith

Scientific Session 5

Pille Measurements on ISS (June 2016 – April 2017)

A. Hirn

DOSIS & DOSIS 3D onboard the ISS: Current status, science overview, work in progress

T. Berger

Results from the ISS-RAD Charged Particle Detector and Comparisons to MSL-RAD

C. Zeitlin

Scientific Session 6

One and a Half Years Onboard ISS: Neutron Dose Equivalent and Energy Spectrum Results from the ISS-RAD Fast Neutron Detector

M. Leitgab

ISS Radiation Environmental Monitor (REM) Transition to Operations: RAM to REM Transition

R. Gaza

Scientific Session 7

Comparison of Silicon-Based Detectors

R. Rios

Experiment Liulin-5: Results from radiation environment investigations on the International Space Station and interplanetary space with Liulin charged particle telescope

K. Krastev

Relativistic electron precipitation bands and relativistic electrons in Earth’s inner radiation belt

T. P. Dachev

Scientific Session 8

Studies of SPEs as measured in the ISS in 2011–2012

L. Narici

Earth magnetic field activity induced variations of the ISS inner radiation belt SAA region

T. P. Dachev

ESA Active Dosimeter [EAD]—Status report on the ESA Tech Demo Activity

T. Berger

Scientific Session 9

Results From Radiation Environment Measurements onboard Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter During the Transit and in High Eliptic Mars Orbit

J. Semkova

Comparison of Liulin-MO dosimeter radiation measurements during ExoMars 2016 TGO cruise to Mars and dose estimations based on galactic cosmic ray model

V. Benghin

Latest Updates from the MSL-RAD Experiment

C. Zeitlin

Scientific Session 10

MSL-RAD Summary of model calculations and comparison to RAD data

D. Matthiä

A generalized approach to model the spectra and radiation dose rate of solar particle events on the surface of Mars

J. Guo

The PERSEO Project: PErsonal Radiation Shielding for intErplanetary missiOns

G. Baiocco

Scientific Session 11

ROSSINI 2—Study Results

M. Giraudo

MARE: International Science aboard Orion EM-1 (Matroshka AstroRad Radiation Experiment)

R. Gaza

Update on Radiation Risks to Crew for a Cis-Lunar Mission: Impact of Shielding Thickness on Decision Making Criteria

S. El-Jaby

Advanced Neutron Spectrometer on the International Space Station (ANS-ISS)

M. Christl

Scientific Session 12

Update on Radiation Risks to Crew for a Cis-Lunar Mission: A Benchmark of Codes and Simulation Geometries

S. El-Jaby

Portable, Low-cost Proportional Counters for Space, Atmospheric and Ground based Applications

E. R. Benton

Advanced Radiation Monitoring on Exploration Mission 1 and beyond: The HERA System

M. Leitgab

Last update: 10 July 2018