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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twentythird WRMISS Workshop

The 23rd Workshop took place on 4–6 September 2017 in Tsuruga, Japan. Please click here for the program and abstract book. Most presentations can be downloaded from the links below (for presentations with no download link, please contact the author).

Invited talks

Radiation Monitoring for Decontamination and Decommissioning after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident

T. Torii

Muon Radiography in the Egyptian Pyramids

K. Morishima

Recent status of the GROWTH experiment

H. Tsuchiya

Scientific Session 1

Response of Space Bubble Detectors to Heavy Charged Particles

R. Machrafi

A Innovative Neutron Dosemeter

M. Fragopoulou

Comparison of three different types of particle-track detectors

I. Ambrožová

Scientific Session 2

Plan of Advanced technology research of cosmic radiation dose measurement based on altitude conditions

C. Baowei

Pille measurements on ISS

A. Hirn

Pille-ISS modernized sensors for EVA and radiation measurements in ISS compartments

O. Gorokhova

Scientific Session 3

Unified web-based database with Liulin-type instrumentsí cosmic radiation data

R.T. Koleva

European Radiation Facilities Network ERFNet

L. Narici

European Radiation Facilities Network ERFNet

M. Giraudo

Scientific Session 4

Radiation Protection Properties of Additional Shielding Containing Hydrogen Materials Installed in Crew Cabin of Russian Segment of ISS

R. Tolochek

Assessment of Radiation Shielding Properties of Novel and Baseline Materials External to ISS

E. Benton

AMS Low Energy Cosmic Rays

C. Light

Scientific Session 5

Bubble-Detector Measurements for Matroshka-R and Radi-N2: ISS-51/52 and ISS-53/54

M. Smith

Passive Radiation Dosimeters Transition to Active Radiation Instrumentation for ISS Operations

R. Gaza

DOSIS & DOSIS 3D onboard the ISS Status and Science Overview from 2009–2018

T. Berger

Scientific Session 6

Timepix Utilization

R. Rios

Active Tissue Equivalent Dosimeter (ATED): a tissue equivalent proportional counter currently operating aboard ISS

E. Benton

Results from ISS-RAD

R. Rios

Scientific Session 7

Dose Calculation inside Kibo Using PHITS and ISS 3D-CAD Geometry

A. Goto

The DOSIS 3D Project Onboard the International Space Station—Analysis of the Solar Particle Event in September 2017

S. Burmeister

The solar particle event on 10–13 September 2017 Spectral reconstruction and calculation of the radiation exposure in aviation and space

D. Matthiä

Scientific Session 8

Real-Time Estimation of Astronaut Doses During Large Solar Particle Events Based on WASAVIES

T. Sato

Contribution to dose in healthy tissue from secondary target fragments in therapeutic proton, He and C beams measured with CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectors

S. Kodaira

Latest Updates from the MSL-RAD Experiment

D. Hassler

Radiation measurements with Liulin-MO dosimeter of FREND instrument aboard ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter during cruise to Mars and on Mars orbit

V. Benghin

Scientific Session 9

First results for the radiation environment on Mars orbit measured by Liulin-MO dosimeter aboard Trace Gas Orbiter

R. Koleva

Quantitative estimates of the main dosimetric quantities based on the LIULIN - MO - ExoMars measurements

K. Krastev

LIDAL (Light Ion Detector for ALTEA) detector: a compact system for Time of Flight measurement onboard the International Space Station

L. Narici

An Update on the Timepix2

L. Pinsky

Scientific Session 10

Future Experiments: ESA Active Dosimeter (EAD) on the NASA ORION EM-1 Mission

U. Straube

MARE International Payload aboard Orion EM-1. Status Update for 23rd WRMISS

R. Gaza

Update on The HERA System for Radiation Monitoring on Orion Exploration Missions and the International Space Station

George Stuart

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