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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Fifteenth WRMISS Workshop

The 15th Workshop took place on 7–9 September 2010 in Frascati, Italy. Please click here for the program and abstract book. The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.

Introductory talks

ESA's research on ISS

C. Fuglesang

Space Radiation Cancer Risk Projections and Uncertainties - 2010

F. Cucinotta


The dynamics of electrons under the radiation belts in the minimum of solar activity cycle

V. Petrov

Empirical model of the pitch-angle distribution of trapped protons at the inner boundary of the Earth's radiation belt

N. Nikolaeva

A Predictive Code for ISS Radiation Mission Planning

S. El-Jaby

Space Radiation Shielding for Human Missions: Concepts and Materials

E. Tracino

Can the Terrestrial Magnetosphere Mitigate Radiation Hazard on Moon Missions?

R. Koleva

Physics models for the simulation of biological effects of radiation and shielding with the Geant4 toolkit: the ESA AO6041 project

S. Incerti

Calibration/New Developments

Space Radiation Dosimetry with the The Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)

D. Hassler

Summary of HIMAC Measurements with the TimePix version of the Medipix2-Based Detectors and Preparation for the First Flight of Medipix

L. Pinsky

The sensitivity of a new type p-MOSFET dosemeter to high energy protons

M. Fragopoulou

Portable High-Energy Neutron Spectrometer for Active Diagnostics of Radiation Environment aboard the ISS

A. Smirnov

Intercomparison measurements with Liulin and TEPC Hawk in HIMAC beams

O. Ploc

The preliminary results of the Proton-ICCHIBAN-2 experiments for luminescence detectors

Y. Uchihori

Charged particle LET threshold determinations for the HPA neutron PADC dosemeter

L. Hager

Measurements of short range tracks produced by target fragmentation reaction in CR-39 PNTDs by high energy proton beam exposure

S. Kodaira

Dose rate measurements of charged and neutral particles in the stratosphere

E.M. Dönsdorf

Status of the Intravehicular - Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (IV-TEPC) development for ISS

E. Semones

A Sort-of Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter for Space Radiation Dosimetry Application

E. Benton

Proposal for Intelligent Crew Personal Dosimeter

T. Dachev


Nine Years of the Radiation Monitoring System Operating in Service Module of ISS

V. Benghin

Dose Measurements Onboard the ISS with the Pille TLD System

P. Szanto

Recent results of TLD and OSL measurements on board of the ISS

F. Vanhavere

Radiation Monitoring Using Area PADLES on board the ISS Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo

A. Nagamatsu

The DOSIS Experiment onboard the Columbus Laboratory of the International Space Station First mission results for the passive detectors of the DOSIS-1 experiment phase

T. Berger

Dose mapping by SSNTD inside the Columbus module of the ISS DOSIS project

J. Pálfalvi

TL Dosimetry in Columbus during DOSIS-2

C. Hofstätter

ISS Measurements at Solar Minimum (2008-2010)

N. Zapp (data not published yet; please contact Dr. Ramona Gaza)

The DOSIS Experiment onboard the Columbus Laboratory of the International Space Station First Mission Results From the Active DOSTEL Instruments

S. Burmeister

ISS radiation environment anisotropies measured by ALTEA

L. Di Fino

ALTEA real-time monitoring of radiation environment inside the ISS-USLab and off-line data management

L. Di Fino

An Intercomparison Study of PADC Track Etch Detector Evaluation with a Semi-Automated and a Manual System between AERI, Budapest and DLR, Cologne

C. Körner

A proposal on CR-39 PNTDs analysis for space radiation Dosimetry

S. Kodaira

Radiation measurements

Measurements of cosmic rays inside the ISS and in low Earth orbit with Altcriss and Pamela experiments

M. Casolino

Space experiment BTN-Neutron onboard of Russian segment ISS

V. Tretyakov

Measurements of neutron environment inside and outside of ISS

V. Lyagushin

Estimation of the International Space Station attitude effect on dose rate inside the Service Module when crossing the South-Atlantic Anomaly

S. Drobyshev

Comparison of methods for estimation of dose equivalent by means of Liulin semiconductor spectrometer placed on-board ISS

J. Kubancak

Phantom experiments

HAMLET Human Model MATROSHKA for Radiation Exposure Determination of Astronauts Current status and results

G Reitz

HAMLET -Ground Based Verification of the MATROSHKA Facility: Results from the experiments at HI-MAC and GSI

P. Bilski

Quasi-stable radiation belt in the slot region observed by MATROSHKA

J. Labrenz

PHITS simulations of MATROSHKA-1 experiment at ISS

M. Puchalska

MATSIM - The Development and Validation of a Numerical Voxel Model based on the MATROSHKA Phantom

S. Rollet

MATROSHKA-R experiments: Results obtained with passive detectors in 2005-2009

I. Ambrozova

Calculation of Bubble Detector Response Using Data from the Matroshka-R Study

B. Lewis

Overview on the Radiation Quantities Observed by Liulin-5 Instrument in the Spherical Tissue-Equivalent Phantom on ISS

J. Semkova

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