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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twentyfourth WRMISS Workshop

The 24th Workshop took place on 3–5 September 2019 in Athens, Greece. Please click here for the program and abstract book. Most presentations can be downloaded from the links below (for presentations with no download link, please contact the author).

Scientific Session 1

Reviewing ISS-member cancer and non-cancer risk models and their differences for exploration class missions

S. El-Jaby

Scientific Session 2

Validation of Trapped Proton Environment Models with EFT-1 Measurements

Xiaojing Xu

Solar Modulation, Forbush Decreases and Solar Energetic Particles Measured by AMS on the ISS

C. Corti

Validation of NASA’s Radiation Analysis Tools with ISS Radiation Environment Monitor (REM) Measurements

M.S. Clowdsley

Scientific Session 3

Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detectors (FNTD) based on LiF single crystals

P. Bilski

An Update on the Timepix2

L. Pinsky

The AMS‐02 experiment as a cosmic ray flux and radiation monitor on the ISS

V. Formato

Scientific Session 4

Long-term variations of the galactic cosmic rays dose rates

T. Dachev

PILLE Measurements on ISS (February 2018 – July 2019)

A. Hirn

NASA GeneLab space omics database: expanding from space to ionizing radiation data on the ground

S.V. Costes

Invited Talk

Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere: Science and Application

O. Malandraki

Scientific Session 5

European Radiation Facilities Network ERFNet

L. Narici

Twenty years of Passive Radiation Dosimetry on ISS: Ops Radiation Area Monitors Results

R. Gaza

Scientific Session 6

DOSIS & DOSIS 3D onboard the ISS Status and Science Overview from 2009 – 2019

T. Berger

OSU Dosimetric Experiments aboard the ISS

E.R. Benton

Recent Bubble‐Detector Measurements for Matroshka‐R and Radi‐N2

M. Smith

Latest results in the Tritel-RS experiment simultaneous passive and active measurements

A. Stradi

Scientific Session 7

Recent Measuements of the ISS Environment Using Timepix‐based Hardware on ISS

N. Stoffle

Data Comparison between the ISS‐Rad Fast Nuetron Detector and the Advanced Neutron spectrometer and Updates on FND Operational Neutron Dose Equivalent and Energy Spectrum Data

M. Leitgab

Overview of JAXA radiation dosimetry and estimation of astronaut doses for future interplanetary missions

M. Aida

Scientific Session 8

The RAMIS radiation detector of the DLR Eu:CROPIS mission—data from first 8 months at 600 km orbit

T. Berger

Analysis of the radiation environment, obtained in 2018–2019 by Liulin Ten-Koh instrument on the Japanese Ten-Koh satellite

T. Dachev

Radiation and X-Ray Measurements in Polar Orbit by Ten-Koh 2018 Spacecraft and Comparative Assessment with ISS Data

P.B. Saganti

Radiation dose on/around Moon and its protection

M. Naito

Scientific Session 9

First Measurements of the radiation Dose on the Lunar Surface with LND Instrument on the Chang’E 4 lander

S. Burmeister

Update for the MSL/RAD Investigation

B. Ehresmann

A Tale of Two RADs and a CRaTER

C. Zeitlin

Scientific Session 10

Radiation environment aboard ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter in Mars science orbit in May 2018–July 2019

J. Semkova

Comparison of Liulin-MO dosimeter radiation measurements during ExoMars 2016 TGO Mars circular orbit with dose estimations based on galactic cosmic ray models

V. Benghin

RADTEL charged particle detector for space weather measurements as part of the RadMag system

B. Erdös

Scientific Session 11

Dosimeter System for ORION‐MARE

M. Fragopoulou

The RadMap Telescope Technology Demonstrator Aboard the ISS

M. Losekamm

LIDAL: update of the project, ground tests and perspectives

L. Narici

Scientific Session 12

Artemis‐2 Full Launch Window Trajectory Analysis and Projected Exposures at Radiation Hardware Locations on Artemis Flights

K. Lee

The Hybrid Electronic Radiation Asssessor (HERA) system

S. George

Orion Artemis 1 Internal Environment Characterization: The Matroshka AstroRad Radiation Experiment

H. Hussein

Last update: 8 December 2019