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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Ninth WRMISS Workshop

The 9th Workshop took place on 8-10 September 2004 at the Vienna University of Technology, Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities. WRMISS 2004 was hosted by Thomas Berger, Norbert Vana and Michael Hajek.




Y. Uchihori, K. Fujitaka, H. Kitamura, N. Yasuda and E.R. Benton Benton (on behalf of ICCHIBAN Working Group and participants): Comparison of results from the ICCHIBAN-3 experiment and current status of the ICCHIBAN-5 experiment
E.R. Benton, Y. Uchihori, N. Yasuda and J. Miller: Comparison of results from the ICCHIBAN-4 experiment and current status of the proton ICCHIBAN and ICCHIBAN-6 experiments
P. Bilski and P. Olko: TLD results from the recent ICCHIBAN experiments
L.G. Hager, D.T. Bartlett and R. Tanner: ICCHIBAN-4 & 6: NRPB results
V.V.Benghin, V.M.Petrov, V.A.Shurshakov, V.I.Redko, I.V.Tchernykh, R.S.Bogdasarov, M.I.Panasyuk, Yu.V.Kutuzov, A.I.Myasnikov and Ts.Dachev: Results obtained with DB-8 and LIULIN-ISS instruments during ICCHIBAN-5 session at the NIRS HIMAC
B.B. Gersey, E.R. Benton, Y. Uchihori, N. Yasuda, M.R. Shavers, J. Wedeking and J. Sodolak: TEPC results from ICCHIBAN-5, Proton ICCHIBAN-1, and the KC135 flight environment characterization experiments


Khamidullina N.M., Kuznetzov N.V., Pichkhadze K.M.and Zefirov I.V.: Calculation of local doses with account for realistic ISS configuration
P. Nieminen: Precursor radiation activities for the ESA exploration programme
T. Ersmark, P. Carlson, E. Daly, C. Fuglesang, I. Gudowska, B. Lund-Jensen, R. Nartallo, P. Nieminen, M. Pearce, G. Santin and N. Sobolevsky: The DESIRE project: Studies of the Columbus/ISS radiation environment using Geant4
L. Pinsky: The status of FLUKA within the NASA space radiation shielding modeling consortium and its application to ISS and related ground-based measurements

Radiation monitoring

K.Y. Myung-Hee Kim, N. Hooshang and F.A. Cucinotta: The average quality factors by TEPC for charged particles
D.T. Bartlett, L.G. Hager and R.J. Tanner: The use of passive personal neutron dosemeters to determine the neutron component of cosmic radiation fields in spacecraft
O. Goossens, F. Vanhavere, N. Leys, D. O'Sullivan, D. Zhou, F. Spurný, E.G. Yukihara, R. Gaza and S.W.S. McKeever: Radiation dosimetry for a microbial experiment in the space station using different track-etch and luminescent detectors
R. Gaza, O. Goossens, S.W.S. McKeever, E.G. Yukihara and F. Vanhavere: Results from recent ground based (HIMAC) and space (ISS) exposures using TL and OSL dosimeters
N. Yasuda, Y. Uchihori, Y. Akatov, E.R. Benton, V. Shurshakov and K. Fujitaka: Intercomparison of passive radiation monitors in Russian segment of ISS (Space intercomparison / BRADOS)
M. Hajek and N. Vana: The BRADOS intercomparison ("Space ICCHIBAN") experiment onboard ISS – First results
J. K. Pálfalvi, J. Szabó, B. Dudás, Y. Akatov, L. Sajó-Bohus and I. Eördögh: Secondary neutron and cosmic ray studies on the ISS using SSNTD stacks, BRADOZ-1 and 3 projects, 2001-2003
I. Apáthy, Y.A. Akatov, V.V. Arkhangelsky, S. Deme, A. Kaleri and I. Padalka: TL dose measurements on board the Russian segment of the ISS by “Pille” during expedition-7, -8 and -9
Y.A. Akatov, V.V. Arkhangelsky and V.V. Tsetlin: Radiation monitoring on board the Russian segment of the ISS. The comparison of the dose measurements by "Pille-ISS" and "R-16" service systems
A. Nagamatsu: Dosimetry for space radiation in ISS lifescience experiments using AUTO PADLES (temporary)
F. Spurný: Dosimetry and microdosimetry onboard space vehicles and related topics: Results of Czech participants, 2002-2004
T. Dachev, F. Spurný, G. Reitz, B.T. Tomov, P.G. Dimitrov and Y.N. Matviichuk: Simultaneous investigation of galactic cosmic rays on aircrafts and on International Space Station
V.M. Petrov, V.V. Benghin, V.A. Shurshakov, I.V. Chernykh, A.V. Markov, V.I. Lyagushin, A.N. Volkov, A.P. Aleksandrin, M.I. Panasyuk, M.V. Teltsov, Y.V. Kutuzov, O.V. Morozov and A. Myasnykov: The radiation monitoring system of the Russian segment of the ISS – Current status and results
T. Dachev, W. Atwell, E. Semones, B.T. Tomov and B. Reddell: ISS observations of the trapped proton anisotropic effect
M. Casolini (on behalf of the Sileye3/Alteino Collaboration): Sileye-3/Alteino results on cosmic rays on board the ISS
H. Koshiishi, H. Matsumoto, A. Chishiki, T. Goka and T. Omodaka: Evaluation of neutron radiation environment inside the International Space Station based on the Bonner ball neutron detector experiment
T. Berger and G. Reitz: The Matroshka facility – Dose determination during an EVA
N. Zapp and G. Reitz: Calculations of measurement quantities in support of Matroshka
V.A.Shurshakov,Yu.A. Akatov, V.M.Petrov, V.V.Arkhangelsky, S.V. Kireeva, E.N.Yarmanova, V.I.Lyagushin, I.S.Kartsev, V.I.Petrov and B.V.Polenov: MATROSHKA-R experiment on board the ISS: Current status and preliminary results

Future experiments

M. Shavers: Radiation Measurements and Shielding Analysis for ISS
L. Narici: ALTEA: Calibration and status of the project
M. Luszik-Bhadra, R. Nolte and M. Reginatto: The high energy response of the electronic neutron/photon PTB dosemeter DOS-2002
Y. Uchihori, T. Kashiwagi, K. Hibino, H. Kitamura, S. Okuno, T. Takashima, K. Yajima, M. Yokota and K. Yoshida: Development of a diamond detector as a tissue equivalent semiconductor detector for space radiation
P. Spillantini: Energetic solar cosmic ray surveyor and monitor
D.M. Hassler, A. Posner, M. Bullock, S. Rafkin, D. Grinspoon, R.F. Wimmer-Schweingruber, R. Beaujean, S. Burmeister, R. Muller-Mellin, S. Bottcher, G. Reitz, F. Cucinotta and T. Cleghorn: The radiation assessment detector (RAD) for Mars

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