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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twentyfifth WRMISS Workshop

The 25th Workshop took place on 6–8 September 2022 in Mons, Belgium. Please click here for the program and abstract book. Most presentations can be downloaded from the links below (for presentations with no download link, please contact the author).

Scientific Session 1

Astro Particle Experiments to Improve the Radiation Health Risk Assessment for Humans in Space Missions

A. Bartoloni

A proposal for a comprehensive database of space flight radiation measurements relevant to life sciences

J. Miller

Scientific Session 2

Study of the Radiation Shielding Properties of the Composite Material in the ISS Service Module Crew Cabin

N. Cherkashina

Almost four years of data for the DLR RAMIS measurements in LEO and further updates on the DLR M‐42 detector family

K. Marsalek

Scientific Session 3

Pille Measurements on ISS (July 2019 – March 2022)

A. Strádi

LIDAL: exploiting the Bethe Bloch equation for single particle energy identification

G. Romoli

LIDAL: nuclear discrimination

G. Santi Amantini

Scientific Session 4

LIDAL: combining spectra and estimating dose

L. Di Fino

LIDAL: toward RBE monitoring

A. Mentana

Scientific Session 5

Update on DOSTEL measurements in COLUMUS within the DOSIS/DOSIS3D projects

D. Matthiä

DOSIS3D: A short snapshot of the data from the passive radiation detectors and the D3D MINI mission

D. Matthiä

Neutron measurements with the ISS‐RAD

A. Castro

Operational use of Timepix‐based Radiation Environment Monitors on ISS

T. Campbell-Ricketts

Scientific Session 6

DOSTEL REM LIDAL intercomparison

L. Narici

Update on radiations measurements on the surface of Mars conducted with MSL/RAD

B. Ehresmann

Scientific Session 7

Crew Active Dosemeter Project Overview: ISS Ops, Commercial Crew, Artemis I

R. Gaza

Data Analysis Techniques for the Crew Active Dosimeter on ISS

B. M. Hayes

Scientific Session 8

Artemis-Hera on Space Station

N. Stoffle

Overview of SRAG activities (hardware) in preparation for Artemis Operations

K. Lee

CEPS—Compact Electron Proton Spectrometer. A Timepix Based Operational Space Weather Instrument

S. George

Scientific Session 9

enhanced Active Tissue Equivalent Dosimeter (eATED) for Space Crew Dosimetry

E. Benton

SpacePix Radiation Monitor—a compact multi‐layer particle telescope

J. Jirsa

Imaging Radiation Particle Trajectories at Micron Resolution: Applications for ISS and Beyond

P. B. Saganti

Scientific Session 10

Space Dosimetry Telescope concept for the MSR Earth Return Orbiter

A. Hirn

ALMAR Dosimeter for space application

M. Fragkopoulou

Scientific Session 11

MARE on the NASA Artemis 1 mission

T. Berger

The Hungarian to Orbit (HUNOR) Astronaut Programme and its relevance to the space dosimetry community

A. Hirn

LEIA: Lunar Explorer Instrument for space biology Applications

J. Miller

Last update: 1 December 2022