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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Seventeenth WRMISS Workshop

The 17th Workshop took place on 4–6 September 2012 in Texas, Austin, USA. Please click here for the program and abstract book. The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.


Welcome and Reorganization Overview

M.D. Weyland

Highlight talk

RAD Dosimetry Measurements During MSLís Cruise to Mars and on the Martian Surface

C. Zeitlin

1st Session

Practical Applications of Cosmic Ray Science: Spacecraft, Aircraft, Ground-Based Computation and Control Systems, and Human Health and Safety

W. Atwell

Calculation of Radiation Exposure Levels in Low Earth Orbit and Beyond

D. Matthiae

2nd Session

ISSCREM: International Space Station Cosmic Radiation Exposure Model

S. El-Jaby

CAD Model Shielding Analysis of the International Space Station

N. Stoffle

3rd Session

F.F. Badavi

ISS Dose Estimates Due to Pions and Electromagnetic Cascade

T.C. Slaba

The Energetic Heavy Ion Sensor (EHIS): An Energetic Ion Spectrometer for GOES-R


4th Session

Comparison of tissue-like plastics in tissue equivalent proportional counters (TEPC) as exposed to energetic proton and heavy ions

T.L. Collums

Preliminary Results of Proton ICCHIBAN Experiments

H. Kitamura

Ground-Based Measurement of Bubble-Detector Sensitivity to Protons

R. Machrafi

5th Session

First Results of the TriTel Space Dosimetry Telescope from the Mission on Board the BEXUS-12 Stratospheric Balloon

A. Hirn

ISS Radiation Measurements 2008–2011

A. Welton (data not published yet; please contact Dr. Ramona Gaza)

Dose Measurements on Board the ISS with the Pille TLD System

A. Hirn

6th Session

Radiation Dosimetry in the European Columbus Module

R. Demets

The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D Experiments onboard the International Space Station Ė Results from the Active DOSTEL Instruments

S. Burmeister

Radiation Survey in USLab and first Measurements in Columbus with the ALTEA Detector

L. Narici

8th Session

On-Orbit Status of the Intravehicular Tissue Equivalent Proportional counter (IV-TEPC) for ISS

J. Flores-McLaughlin

Preliminary Results of Water Shielding Effect for Space Radiation in ISS Crew Cabin by means of Passive Dosimeters

S. Kodaira

MATROSHKA—Results from the Exposure Inside the Japanese KIBO Module—and Comparison with previous Missions

T. Berger

8th Session

Estimation of Organ Doses using PADLES in the Phase 2B_KIBO experiments of the MATROSHKA project

A. Nagamatsu

GCR Anisotropy Effects on Dose Measurements with MTR/DOSTEL

J. Labrenz

First Results (Hopefully) from Medipix on the ISS

L.S. Pinsky

9th Session

CRaTER Measurements of Tissue-Equivalent Shielding in the GCR

C. Zeitlin

Medipix-Based Space Dosimetry at NASA: An Overview of Current Projects

A.A. Badahori

Particle Charge and Velocity Discrimination Using Silicon Timepix Detectors

N. Stoffle

10th Session

Advanced Dosimetry Data Analysis Using Tracking Information from Pixel Detectors

M. Kroupa

Electronic Dosimeter for Space Applications Based on MOSFET Technology

E. Benton

11th Session

Scintillation Detectors for Space Radiation and Dosimetry

J.F. Christian

Prototype Spherical TEPC Design for Dose Measurement in ISS

J.J. Lee

Multifunctional Novel Boron-Carbon Fiber Polymer Composites for Mixed Radiation Field Space Applications

R. Wilkins

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