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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Eighteenth WRMISS Workshop

The 18th Workshop took place on 3–5 September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. Please click here for the agenda and here for the abstract book, respectively. The presentations can be downloaded from the links below.

Introductory talk

Evaluation of the New Trapped Proton Model (AP9) at ISS Attitudes

F.F. Badavi

Scientific Session 1

Calculation of Radiation Exposure Levels in Low Earth Orbit and Beyond

D. Matthiä

Estimates of Cosmic Rays Directional Dose for ISS—Part-II

F.F. Badavi

Estimation of the dominant ion composition in space using the shape of the deposited energy spectra of Liulin type instruments and PHITS simulations

O. Ploc

Scientific Session 2

Status Report of the ICCHIBAN projects

H. Kitamura

Ground-based Testing of Bubble Detectors

E. Benton

Long-term dose variations in the ISS Piers-module measured by passive dosimeters

S. Kodaira

Scientific Session 3

ISS Radiation Area Monitors Measurements at Solar Maximum

R. Gaza (data not published yet; please contact Dr. Ramona Gaza)

Passive dosimetry in the PIRS module: 2010–2013

J. Pálfalvi

Pille Measurements on ISS

P. Szántó

Scientific Session 4

Radiation exposure on BION-M No 1 satellite—First results

T.P. Dachev

Results Of The Radiation Monitoring System Measurements On Service Module Of ISS During 2009—2013

V.V. Benghin

The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D experiments: Long term dose monitoring onboard the European Columbus module of the International Space Station (ISS)

T. Berger

Scientific Session 5

The Dosis And Dosis 3d Experiments Onboard The International Space Station—Results From The Active Dostel Instruments

S. Burmeister

TRITEL measurements on board the International Space Station

A. Hirn

ALTEA: 2012 radiation measurements in the ISS

L. Narici

Scientific Session 6

Relative nuclear abundances LET and dose rates at various locations and configurations in ISS from the ALTCRISS experiment

C. Fuglesang

Update on the Status of the Medipix-Based Radiation Environment on the ISS

L. Pinsky

BEXUS TECHDOSE stratospheric cosmic radiation experiment

B. Zábori

Scientific Session 7

Altitudinal distribution of the Ionizing Radiation Exposure between the Earth Surface and Free Space

T.P. Dachev

Charged Particle Measurements during Cruise and on Mars with the Radiation Assessment Detector (MSL/RAD)

B. Ehresmann

Refinement of MSL-RAD Dose Rate Measurements in Cruise and on the Martian Surface

C. Zeitlin

Scientific Session 8

The Results of 4 Sessions of Experimental Study of Local Water Shielding Efficiency to Space Radiation with the Protective Curtain in ISS Crew Cabin

R.V. Tolochek

Neutron Measurements using Bubble Detectors during the ISS-22 to ISS-36 Expeditions

M. Smith

Space radiation dosimetry for the Matroshka-R #1 Experiment onboard the KIBO using PADLES from May—Sep. 2012 (Increment 31/32)

A. Nagamatsu

Scientific Session 9

Results from MATROSHKA 1 using the HPA dosemeter New Results on Dose Distribution in a Human Body in ISS Compartments Obtained with the Tissue-Equivalent Spherical Phantom

V.A. Shurshakov

Radiation Environment on ISS in 2012—April 2013 According the Data from Liulin-5 Particle Telescope

T.P. Dachev

The response of a depleted p-MOSFET dosemeter to photons and electrons

M. Fragopoulou

Scientific Session 10

The European Crew Personal Active Dosimeter (EuCPAD)

T. Berger

Status of the ISS Radiation Assessment Detector

R. Rios

ISS-RAD Calibration Campaign

C. Zeitlin

Scientific Session 11

Overview of Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter for high LET Radiation Monitoring in Complex Radiation Field

S. Kim

The LINTEL, a system for estimating the effective dose of the space stations' crew

S. Deme

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