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Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station

Twentysixth WRMISS Workshop

The 26th Workshop took place on 5–7 September 2023 in Rome, Italy. Please click here for the program and abstract book. Most presentations can be downloaded from the links below (for presentations with no download link, please contact the author).

Scientific Session 1

DDFRG: Double differential fragmentation models for light particle production in nuclear reactions for space radiation protection

J.W. Norbury

Scientific Session 2

High-energy per-pixel calibration of the Timepix pixel detector with laboratory alpha source

M. Sommer

Between Sea Level and the ISS: Radiation Measurements in the SAA Region at Flight Altitudes

M.M. Meier

Scientific Session 3

SPRM—compact tissue-equivalent LET spectrometer for space applications—testing at HIMAC

M. Lužovà

1.6*103 days of data for the DLR RAMIS measurements in LEO and further updates on the DLR M‐42 Si-detector family

K. Marsalek

First Radiation Measurement Results from the Biosentinel Cubesat

S. George

Pille measurements of excess radiation doses in the South Atlantic Anomaly

P. Pinczes

Scientific Session 4

Radi-N and Radi-N2: Measurements of Neutron Radiation Using Bubble Detectors (2009–2020)

M. Smith

DOSIS 3D—current status and science updated

T. Berger

DOSTEL measurements as part of DOSIS/DOSIS3D: An update

S. Burmeister

Radiation Measurements with Passive Detectors in the Columbus Module over One Solar Cycle within the DOSIS and DOSIS 3D projects

P. Princzes

SPACEDOS—an open-source PIN diode dosimeter for applications in Space

O. Ploc

Scientific Session 5

More than three years of LIDAL measurement onboard the ISS Columbus Module

L. Di Fino

New methods for space radiation field characterisation: LET and ToF for the first z22 and kinetic energy spectrum inside a space habitat

V. Boretti

Studies on Particle Energy and Directionality of the SAA Radiation Environment using the LIDAL detector

L. Lunati

Scientific Session 6

7.5 Years of ISS-RAD

C. Zeitlin

Ten Years of Radiation Environment Monitors on ISS

T. Campbell-Ricketts

Scientific Session 7

Update on the RadMap Telescope on the International Space Station: Deployment and First Measurements

M. Losekamm

Precision Measurement of the Monthly Light Ion Fluxes in Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station

F. Donnini

Equivalent dose measurements of astronauts for ISS space missions between 2007–2016

B. Puzantian

Scientific Session 8 (RadLab)

DORELI: advances in the flight comparison of three silicon detector in the COLUMBUS modulus of the ISS. Learning lessons

L. Narici

The RadLab Project

S.V. Costes

RadLab Demonstration Video from K. Grigorev

J. Miller

Scientific Session 9

Overview of Radiation Measurements Performed for Artemis I Science Payloads

R. Gaza

NASA Artemis I mission and the MARE experiment

T. Berger

Status of Artemis HERA on Space Station

N. Stoffle

Scientific Session 10

Artemis 1 Radiation Analysis, Modeling, and Dose Assessment

D. Laramore

SRAG Activities in Preparation for Artemis II and III

E. Semones

Scientific Session 11

Recent RAD Results: The Oct 28, 2021 & Feb 16, 2022 Solar Storms & Radiation Shielding at Paraipetuy Pass

B. Ehresmann (D. Hassler)

Mini-FND—The Miniaturized Fast Neutron Detector

B. Ehresmann (D. Hassler)

Model predicted variations in neutron fluence and dose on the surface of Mars

D. Matthiä

2023 Update on the Compact Electron Proton Spectrometer Project

S. George

Scientific Session 12

Space Tissue Equivalent Dosimeter (SpaceTED)

E. Benton

The Linear Energy Transfer Spectrometer (LETS) Payload on NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) TO2 Peregrine-1

M. Ecord

Advancing Space Radiobiology through interdisciplinary research: Insights from the INFN Roma Sapienza AMS Group

A. Bartoloni

Last update: 4 October 2023